Company Evaluation Form

A company evaluation form is a document which aims to encourage people working in a company or in any way associated with it, to express their opinions on the same. Such an exercise is extremely useful in gathering valuable information as well as insight that can only benefit the company. It also allows the worker in a company to express their opinions and give voice to their grievances, if any.

Sample Company Evaluation Form:

Name of company: ________________________________

Date of company evaluation: ________________________

[You may choose to omit your name for confidentiality. Please answer the following questions carefully and honestly]

1. Are you satisfied with your job in this company? For how long have you been an employee here?

(a) Yes, I am happy to be working in this company. I have worked for ________________ years

(b) No, I am dissatisfied with the company. I have worked for _______________ years

2. Do you think that the remuneration you get is enough for the kind of job that you have and the duty you perform?

(a) Yes, I am satisfied with my remuneration

(b) No I am hoping for an increase or raise

3. Which areas of the company and its profile would you like to see a change in?

(a) Work ethic

(b) Better work hours

(c) Employee grievances cell

(d) Cooperation of coworkers and superiors

(e) Provision to take leave in case of emergencies

(f) Perks and benefits along with increased remuneration

4. Is this the first survey of this kind? Have you been encouraged to air your grievances earlier?


5. Mention some ways in which employees can also contribute to the growth and improvement of the company: _________________________________________________________________

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