Coaching Evaluation Form

A coaching evaluation form is an assessment tool used to measure the various attributes of a coaching session in any field. It quantifies and qualifies the components making up a prominent coaching class and helps the coach to identify the major causes of failure if any. Hence, it is important for all types of coaching.

Sample Coaching Evaluation Form

Name of the coaching organization: _________________

Type of coaching: _______________________________

Name of coach: _________________________________

Date(s) of coaching: _____________________________

Name of evaluator: ______________________________

Purpose of evaluation: ___________________________

Date of evaluation: ______________________________

Respond to the items given below and try to be spontaneous and specific with your responses. It is a coaching evaluation form which will be used as a reference point to identify the shortcomings of the coaching. So please remember that your opinion will count a lot in determining the fate of this coaching organization.

1. Do you feel that there has been a marked positive change in your abilities after the coaching?

a. Yes

b. No

2. What is the degree of effects created by the coaching on the following faculties?

A. Immense

B. Moderate

C. Not mention-worthy

a. Level of conviction: ______________________

b. Level of mastery: ________________________

c. Level of willpower: ______________________

d. Level of self-confidence: __________________

e. Level of discipline: _______________________

f. Level of forbearance: ______________________

3. Do you feel perfectly comfortable in doing the task post-coaching?

a. Completely comfortable

b. Not much comfortable yet

4. If you have to rate your coach on a total score of 10 for his proficiency and practice, how will you genuinely do so?


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