Class Evaluation Form

Class evaluation form is a device with the help of which teachers reorient their teaching methods and materials so that the classes taken by them are more productive. It is a practical tool to assess the learning achieved by students that empowers the teaching staff to take positive actions. Hence it must be framed by recording all the teaching attributes.

Sample Class Evaluation Form

Name of the school: ______________________

Address: _______________________________

Date of evaluation: _______________________

Name of evaluator: _______________________

Grade: _________________________________

The following questions are proportional to the effectiveness of the classes held for the concerned grade. All the items must be answered in order to gather a fool proof data on the related topic.

1. What was the nature of teaching provided in class?

a. Non-directional and student centred (induces thinking)

b. Directional and teacher centred (induces understanding)

2. How was the quality of lecture delivery?

a. Excellent

b. Medium

c. Poor

3. In what frequency was class-assessments taken per week for everyone?

a. Once

b. More than once

c. None

4. Was the classroom environment conducive to learning?

a. Yes

b. No

5. Select one statement from below that is most appropriate.

a. The material was in sync with the proposed syllabus and was easily comprehensible.

b. The instructor was exceptionally well-informed and conversant.

c. The class was adequately timed for maximum inputs without eliciting exhaustion.

d. The instructions were vivid, loud and transparent.

6. Was the class helpful in providing important data?

a. It was helpful to a certain extent

b. It was not helpful at all

Student name: ______________________

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