Charity Evaluation

A charity evaluation is one that is undertaken to understand the effectiveness of the functioning of the charity institution. The evaluation is necessary to ensure that the charitable institution is following the state stipulated guidelines specified for charitable institutions.

Apart from this some of the other aspects that the charity evaluation helps are assessment of financial health of the charitable institution, enhancing accountability and transparency in policies followed and lastly better service orientation. Given below is a sample charitable institution involved in charitable work for children.

Sample Charity Evaluation

Charity evaluation

Department of Social Work, United States of America

Charity evaluation Application number – A44

Name of Charitable Institution – Christopher Charitable Institution

Please answer the questions provided here under by choosing from the options provided below or answering in the line provided below the question :

1. What is the eligibility for deciding the enrollment of members?


2. What are the criteria you make use of to determine the eligibility for enrollment into your charitable institution?


3. Do you have any good sources of funding to run your charitable institution in a proper manner?

a. Yes if yes please specify the source of funding _________________________

b. No

4. Do you always ensure to provide an update to your contributors about the financial status and other crucial information about the functioning of the charitable institution?

a. Yes

b. No

5. Do you follow the proper child care standards as set by your state without any deviation?

a. Yes

b. No

6. What is the count for your charitable institution in serving children who were in need of your services?

a. 50 children

b. 100 children

c. 200 children

d. More than 200 children

7. What are the changes that you are willing to do in your charitable institution when there is more inflow of funds to your organization?

a. Serve more children

b. Better facilities and services for existing children

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