CEO Performance Evaluation

The CEO performance evaluation is one of the most critical factors within a business. The CEO is one who bridges the gap between the Board of Directors of a company and the employees. Hence, he or she is entrusted with a lot of responsibilities and thus, an evaluation is necessary to ensure that he carries out his tasks effectively. The evaluation process must be lucid and simple and should directly address the key areas of the CEO work package.

Sample CEO Performance Evaluation:

The following CEO Performance Evaluation is being conducted for Ms. Rosa Dawson

Company: TRINITY Co. Ltd.

Evaluators: BOYZ Random Evaluators Co.

12, Pennsylvania Street,


Please respond to all given questions which will help us assess work performance:

1. As the CEO, how well does he or she know about the projects and plans taken up by different departments?

  • Very well acquainted
  • Some basic idea
  • Not very clear
  • No idea

2. Has there been any backlash amongst the subordinates with the CEO for specific reasons?

  • None whatsoever
  • Some mild disagreement
  • Yes, there have been.

3. How well functional is the CEO is transferring information from one department or employee to the Board of Directors?

  • Very effective
  • Mostly effective
  • Inefficient

4. Has there ever been any case of misinformation or miscommunication under the concerned CEO?

  • Never
  • One or two
  • Not sure
  • Various

5. Does the CEO exhibit good leadership skills whenever situation demands it?

  • Most assuredly
  • Not sure
  • Not in the least.

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