Category: Workshop Evaluation

Workshop Evaluation

Regardless of the topic or the reason behind conducting a particular workshop, gathering feedback is very essential. This help to analyze the performance of the participants and impact of the workshop efficiently. Through workshop evaluation if it is found to be a successful one then chances of organizing similar kind of events increases in future. […]

Workshop Evaluation Template

A workshop evaluation template is a guide to the correct formulation of a workshop evaluation. Any workshop will thrive on participant feedback. It is extremely necessary to get their viewpoint as only then can the needed changes be incorporated. Thus a workshop evaluation template is the best way to get constructive criticism. Sample Workshop Evaluation […]

Workshop Evaluation Format

A workshop evaluation is a necessary step in the process of introspection and review. No workshop can be complete without feedback from organizers and participants and thus a workshop evaluation format is the best way to document the viewpoints out forth at the end of the workshop itself. It identified any shortcomings and proposes plans […]

Sample Workshop Evaluation

Sample workshop evaluation is the document used for accessing the effectiveness and need of a particular workshop. This particular kind of evaluation must be framed in such a way so that it could seek maximum feedbacks to ensure continuous improvement of the workshop. Sample Workshop Evaluation Respondent’s name: Martin Thread Purpose of the workshop: Delivering […]