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Dental Assistant Performance Evaluation

A dental assistant performance evaluation is the evaluation done when an employer wants to establish facts about the performance of the dental assistant he/ she has employed. These types of evaluation help the employer to know the positives of the dental assistant as well as the areas where he/she needs improvement. Given below is a […]

Importance of Self Evaluation in Nursing

Evaluation is an essential aspect of the nursing process. As a student or a practitioner, you should be aware of the importance of self evaluation in nursing. Self-evaluation of individuals, allows them to assess whether they have acquired the necessary professional skills. When the students provide their self- assessment to their teachers, they should ensure […]

Tips for writing a Good self Evaluation

As part of annual performance review process, managers and supervisors may ask you to provide an assessment of personal work. Typically, your manager may provide you with a self-assessment form, to be completed before the commencement of review meeting. Your employer may use the self-evaluation form that you filled, for assessment of your job performance. […]

What are the Importance of Evaluation

As a supervisor or a manager, it is necessary to know what are the importance of evaluation. It is useful to employees as well as organization. Evaluation is a process of collecting data and analyzing or arranging it in a systematic way, so that the resulting information can be used as a determining factor whether […]

Types of Evaluation Questions

Evaluations are necessary in business world and are often used to assess the performance of the employees. With the help of different types of evaluation questions, the employees can also know how they are performing their job. For evaluating an individual you need to ask questions which are related to the job. There are many […]

The Four General Types of Evaluation Research

The four general types of evaluation research that are used include formative evaluation, process evaluation, outcome evaluation, and impact evaluation. Formative Formative evaluation is a method of assessing the worth of a program, during the formation of program activities. Formative evaluation mainly focuses on the process under consideration. Formative evaluation is used to measure the strengths […]

Different Types of Evaluation Methods

There are different types of evaluation methods which can be used. Depending on the purpose of evaluation, you need to determine the appropriate method of evaluation. Some of the major types of evaluation include Process, Impact, Outcome, Summative, and Formative. Process evaluation method Process evaluation method is intended to examine the strategies and procedures involved […]

Sample Employee Evaluation

A sample employee evaluation is a document which highlights an employee’s performance and progress over a certain period of time. It must be encouraging, yet without sacrificing authority or honesty. An employee evaluation can also be made participatory where a questionnaire is used to determine an employee’s evaluation of the company in which he works. […]