Category: Technology Evaluation

Technology Evaluation

A technology evaluation is an examination of a certain technology or technological process, by an individual or a team or panel of judges in order to list its merits and demerits. Such evaluations are common especially during the various formative stages of new technological products like gadgets, software, programs and so on. A technology evaluation […]

Technology Plan Evaluation

A technology plan evaluation is a procedure that ensures the assessment of a certain technology plan and its effectiveness or scope of implementation. Any major technological outbreak is preceded by a thorough planning procedure, which should be evaluated to ensure that it is perfect and does not involve any errors or defaults. Sample Technology Plan […]

Instructional Technology Evaluation

The instructional technology evaluation is used to measure the efficiency of the technology instructional session conducted by a company for enlightening the employee technicians about its various operations. The evaluation concentrates on the effectiveness of the instruction given during the technology training. It is important that the evaluation is constructed in a simple format. This […]

Technology Evaluation Report

A technology evaluation report is a record that accounts for the various parameters involved in a certain technology evaluation and its corresponding findings. This type of a document is prepared in the form of a typical report, which gives detailed information of the various factors considered for evaluation of a particular technology and the conclusions […]

Assistive Technology Evaluation

An assistive technology evaluation is an exercise whereby the advantages and the benefits ensuing from the use of AT can be measured and judged. Such evaluations are best carried out by AT experts and also by users who derive the benefits from AT. Thus, the evaluations must be to the point and insightful, so that […]

Technology Program Evaluation

The technology program evaluation is an important assessment tool through which a business, academic institutions or any firm can determine the effectiveness of a technology-based program newly introduced. This is a systematic approach to the program in order to measure its merit within the given sector. Such an evaluation is useful in government programs as […]

Technology Training Evaluation

The technology training evaluation is conducted after a company conducts technology training for the employees in order to adapt to the new technology introduced. This can also be done by institutions who teach their students about various given technologies that will be useful for the given career field. The evaluation is a necessary tool through […]

Technology Evaluation Template

Technology evaluation template is a pre-constructed format used for detailing the responses regarding various technical determining factors. This kind of a document has to be created with special emphasis so that actual and objective specific lineation(s) are written. Moreover, a concise and general template document has to be drafted which can be restored and customized […]

Technology Evaluation Format

Technology evaluation format represents the way in which an appraisal document related to the field of technology has to be drafted. Usually, this kind of format denotes the essential lineaments and delivers an idea to the drafter that how those can be arranged sequentially. Sample Technology Evaluation Format Details of the authority involved: The document […]

Sample Technology Evaluation

Sample technology evaluation represents the way in which the interpretation(s) acquired from a technology related appraisal is depicted in the document. This kind of a document has to be drafted consciously so that it could assist the authority to get an idea on how such credentials are put forward in paperwork. Sample Technology Evaluation Technology […]