Category: Student Evaluation

Nursing Student Performance Evaluation

Nursing student performance evaluation refers to the activity of evaluating the performance of a nursing student at an institution. The evaluation is conducted by someone of authority over the student like a lecturer or lab assistants etc. The purpose of the evaluation is to monitor the student’s growth and to make changes in the respective […]

Social Work Student Evaluation

Social work student evaluation is a method through which a social work committee or an organization is able to evaluate the performance of a social work student or volunteer on the basis of his/her efforts, performance, amount of work done and time given to a cause. Any such evaluation helps the social work group or […]

ESL Student Evaluation

An ESL student evaluation is one that is undertaken for a student who is learning English as Second Language. The evaluation helps an ESL instructor to understand the learning and understanding level of the student apart from grading the student. The various parameters on which the ESL evaluation is undertaken are reading, writing, listening and […]

Technology Student Evaluation

A technology student evaluation is one that is undertaken by an educational institution to understand the knowledge levels of technology student. This evaluation is essential to understand the areas that have helped the technology student in gaining knowledge in the subject. It also helps to check on the areas that need improvement in enhancing technology […]

University Student Evaluation

A university student evaluation is one that is undertaken by a university from its graduate students. The primary aim of this evaluation is to assess the knowledge levels of the passing out graduates. This also helps in planning for the placement of the students who are due to complete their university studies shortly. Sample University Student […]

International Student Evaluation

An international student evaluation is one that is undertaken by a university to evaluate the level of learning of its international students. As international students are important for the reputation and fame of a university their evaluation of proper completion of the program determines the proper dissemination of courseware by the university. A sample international […]

Physical Therapy Student Evaluation

A physical therapy student evaluation is one that is obtained from a physical therapy student who is due for completion of the course. This evaluation helps in understanding the change in attitude, behavior and professional knowledge acquisition of the physical therapy student.  This evaluation becomes essential for physical therapy students to get license to practice […]

Student Evaluation

Student evaluation is done by a concerned authority like schools and colleges in order to present a fair and accurate assessment of the progress of a student. They are extremely important in the life of a student as they provide an analysis of his or her skills, capabilities, academic qualities, inter-curricular talents and means of […]

Research Student Evaluation

Research student evaluation is the examination of a student who is doing research on a particular topic, usually part of his or her PHD, Masters or any other course. There are many courses which require a student to do research on their topic of choice and then the marks they get in their research is […]

Student Evaluation Questions

Student evaluation questions are a list of questions which are asked to students or which are answered by teachers in order to evaluate the performance of the students in their studies, co-curricular activities and behavior in general. By evaluating a student, a teacher opens up a communication thread where he can express his expectations from […]