Category: Job Evaluation

Medical Receptionist Job Evaluation

A medical receptionist job evaluation is a kind of a document which is framed for the purpose of evaluating the job and the job performance of an individual who is working as a medical receptionist in a medical facility or a hospital etc. These evaluation documents help a medical organization in judging the effectiveness of […]

Technician Job Evaluation

A technician job evaluation is a kind of an evaluation in which a technician working in a company is evaluated on the basis of his/her performance and ability to follow instructions well. Any such evaluation is an effective tool for organizations because through these documents they can get to track and know about the effectiveness […]

Career Evaluation

A career evaluation is one that is made use of to assess the capabilities of an individual in terms of work performance. The career evaluation helps the individual to understand work compatibility and also choose a career option accordingly. The career assessment not only includes career congruence but also takes into consideration the physical attributes such […]

Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is the process implemented by various companies when they decided to create a new position in their organization. This kind of evaluation helps them to analyze the prospect and acceptance of new job in the market. Even evaluation can be done among the employees of a particular organization for better understanding of the […]

What Is the Purpose of a Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is a process of determining the value or importance of ajob, relative to other jobs in an organization. You may be wondering what is the purpose of a job evaluation. The purpose of job evaluation is to acquire a systematic ranking of jobs, which enables to frame a rational and acceptable pay structure. […]

How to Prepare for a Job Evaluation

Job evaluations are considered highly essential by most of the reputed organizations. Annual job evaluations provide necessary information, which is important to the organization. Sometimes the evaluations may appear to be time-consuming, but the outcome can prove to be very useful for the employee, his/her manager or supervisor as well as the company. So it is […]

Nurse Practitioner Job Evaluation

A nurse practitioner plays an extremely important role in providing nursing care to the patients and also assists senior nurses on various medical diagnoses. A licensed nurse practitioner is able to provide similar quality of health care as physicians. Thus, it is a must to ensure the right person for this designation in order measure […]

Job Analysis Evaluation

Before hiring, companies must first create positions and designations that will be beneficial for both the commercial set up as well the candidates applying for the job. The job analysis evaluation is a technique through which such positions are created. It is actually an effective way through which companies are able to asses the prospects […]

Finance Manager Job Evaluation

A finance manager plays an immensely important role to supervise and manage the financial and accounting department of a company. Hence, it is essential to ensure that the deserving person is chosen for this designation whose ideas and dedication would lead the company to a new dimension of success. Finance manager job evaluation is such […]

Types of Job Evaluation

A job appraisal is a systematic process through which an organization can determine the monetary worth, importance and complexity of a job position relative to another. An effective job evaluation could essentially help an organization to realize the worth of a job position and also identify the potential shortcomings of the same. Job evaluations are […]