Category: Evaluation Questions

Career Evaluation

A career evaluation is one that is made use of to assess the capabilities of an individual in terms of work performance. The career evaluation helps the individual to understand work compatibility and also choose a career option accordingly. The career assessment not only includes career congruence but also takes into consideration the physical attributes such […]

Equipment Evaluation

An equipment evaluation is undertaken for tools in order to certify its compliance to general standards of functioning and compliance of safety procedures. When an equipment evaluation is done it ensures that there is cost effectiveness of the equipment and it is ready for immediate use. Apart from this when an equipment evaluation is undertaken […]

Charity Evaluation

A charity evaluation is one that is undertaken to understand the effectiveness of the functioning of the charity institution. The evaluation is necessary to ensure that the charitable institution is following the state stipulated guidelines specified for charitable institutions. Apart from this some of the other aspects that the charity evaluation helps are assessment of […]

Evaluation Questions

Evaluation is the process of accessing the performance or status of a project, policy, program, an individual, group or an organization. Generally, evaluation documents or reports are prepared in the form questions so that a proper assessment could be carried out. As because a question can give clear yet brief idea on different aspect of […]

What are Good Evaluation Questions

Employee evaluations are a time to discuss performance management issues. Employees are evaluated based on their professional attitude, their productivity and whether they have met their annual target-objectives. Good evaluation questions should include questions on which the evaluation should focus on. Knowing what are good evaluation questions helps the manager to compare and set priorities. General […]

What is Technology Evaluation

Technology evaluation is an important and effective tool for measuring diverse purposes related to the field of technology. This involves evaluation of an existing technology to identify its performance, requirement, longevity etc or interpreting whether a new technology can proof to be valuable for a challenging endeavour or not. However, the varied nature of technology […]

What is Marketing Evaluation

The marketing evaluation is an important and necessary process that involves careful market research and analysis. This is generally conducted by the marketing team assembled by the company. This evaluation is done to determine whether the product will meet the expectations of the customer market. This is an effective way to assess the fate of […]

What is Sales Evaluation

The sales evaluation is done by business institutes for the purpose of assessing the sales team and their performance in terms of revenue and customer feedback. The evaluation is done after or at the beginning of the business in order to examine the salespersons performance. It takes into account various factors like consumer-salesperson relationship, change […]

What is a Financial Evaluation

The financial evaluation is a necessary procedure that is conducted by both commercial and non-commercial institutions. The evaluation is required to keep track of all the financial activities within an organization. This is an important step and thus must be done periodically to maintain the financial health of a company. This can also be done […]

What is Research Evaluation

A research evaluation is an exercise which evaluates and analyses the merits of a research project. A research evaluation caters to all kinds of research exercises, like school research projects, doctoral or post doctoral theses, research for industrial projects, business research and so on. Research evaluation must be conducted by an authorizing body, or personnel […]