Category: Education Evaluation

Foreign Degree Evaluation

A foreign degree evaluation is one that is required to be undertaken by a candidate who has pursued education outside their own country. The process of foreign degree evaluation is compulsory for every person who has obtained a degree outside their country. It is only with this evaluation report that the person will be considered […]

Education Evaluation

Education evaluation is the process that involves systematic assessment of any educational activities on educational institute. This kind of evaluation strives to access the impact and merits of several educational programs and initiatives. This evaluation involves two important methods of its kind, which are being implemented by the evaluators based on the need. Formative educational […]

Health Education Evaluation

A health education program is one which educates and inculcates in people, good habits which can boost one’s health and contribute to one’s wellbeing in a constructive manner. Evaluation of such health education courses must look at the various contributing factors in order to make a clear and unbiased judgment. Such evaluations must take the […]

Global Education Evaluation

A global education evaluation can be of many kinds. It may be an assessment of a student’s suitability for a course abroad, or it can be assessment of a college or university claiming to offer global or world class educational facilities. A global education evaluation can also be the assessment of an educational institution located […]

Foreign Education Evaluation

Foreign education evaluation is a document which establishes the credentials an aspiring student must possess if he or she intends to go abroad for higher studies.  Often these credentials are set by institution or by the governments of the countries. A foreign education evaluation should be honest, unbiased and should cover all areas with fairness […]

Distance Education Evaluation

A distance education evaluation is a document which analyses the process and impact of a distance education course, or it can also be used to assess the performance of a student who is a participant in a distant education course. Whatever the case may be, distance education evaluation must be purposeful and precise. The results […]

Patient Education Evaluation

A patient education evaluation is a document which highlights the various facets of a patient education program. Such a program is often conducted with patients who suffer from chronic illnesses. They are extremely useful and thus must be evaluated in order to rate its usefulness and other benefits. Such patient education evaluations must be carried […]

Physical Education Evaluation

Physical education evaluation is a document that will outline the effect of physical education being given in any institute, say school, college or university. A healthy body yields healthy mind and hence all youngsters should have physical exercises as a part of their curriculum and the evaluation should effectively bring out all details of the […]

National Education Evaluation

The national education evaluation is basically an assessment of the educational services provided by an institute that performs its operations within the country. Whether a school, college or university, the organization must strictly abide by the rules set by the concerned government authorities and this is the prime factor that is to be evaluated by […]

U.S Education Evaluation

The U.S education evaluation is clearly a document which outlines the credentials for pursuing studies in the United States of America. Generally such an evaluation is done if an individual is foreign to the country and the State does not have any record of his/ her academic qualifications. It should hence be prepared with utmost […]