Career Self Evaluation

Career self-evaluation is the process by which an employee evaluates his career growth through his performance and achievements. It is important to analyze how well we are doing in our career because it helps us become focused and also motivates us to do better. Self-evaluation gives one a sense of perspective and one can take the responsibility of career development and improvement. Many companies encourage employees to conduct self-evaluation of their careers to help them find out if they have reached their career goals or what they need to do in order to get what they want with in jobs, like, a better position, salary, different work duties etc.

Sample Career Self Evaluation:

Name: Jamie Dawson

Position: Senior Sales Manager

Work experience: 6 years

Review period: 2010-2012

Career goals:

  • To get more responsible roles and work duties where there is direct contribution towards the organization
  • To get a salary of $130,000 per annum plus benefits
  • To get a promotion every 2-3 years so that there is a change in designation and responsibilities


  • Have exceeded sales targets and have repeatedly shown good performance

  • Have trained new teams of sales persons who are doing well in their geographical areas


  • Excellent leadership qualities and ability to make quick decisions
  • Problem solving ability and communication skills help immensely in this field
  • Hard working and dedicated to perform at new and challenging roles

Areas to work on:

  • Need to work on my networking skills and so that I can reach out to more number of people and improve my performance

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