Career Evaluation

A career evaluation is one that is made use of to assess the capabilities of an individual in terms of work performance. The career evaluation helps the individual to understand work compatibility and also choose a career option accordingly. The career assessment not only includes career congruence but also takes into consideration the physical attributes such as physical tolerance for sitting or standing for long hours.

Thus a career evaluation is a holistic approach to make a perfect match between the individual and career appropriately. The evaluation can also help those individuals who have already chosen a career path to make changes as needed. The career evaluation has questions that focus on assessment of the present career so as to initiate necessary changes subsequently.

Sample Career Evaluation

Name of the individual undertaking career evaluation – Alan Sample

Email ID of the individual –

Age – 26 years

Career Evaluation Questions :

Please provide honest response to the below provided questions for an accurate evaluation of career:

1. What is your educational qualifications?

a. High school

b. Graduation’

c. Post graduation

d. Others Pl Specify ______________

2. What is the status of your employment at present?

a. Temporary

b. Permanent

c. Contract

d. Self employed

3. Please specify if you are satisfied in your present employment?

a. Yes

b. No

c. To some extent

4. Which is the part of your present employment that you like the most?


5. Which is the part of your present employment that you detest the most?


6. What is the time frame since you are working in the present employment?

a. Less than one year

b. More than one year

c. Less than five years

d. More than five years

7. What are the career achievements that you have attained through your present employment? Please specify in one or two lines.


8. Are you planning to have a change in your employment in the near future and if yes please specify the reason for the same?


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