Car Sales Evaluation

Car sales evaluation is the analysis of the sale of a model or models of cars by a company or car dealer during a particular period of time. By evaluating the car sales, one can find out the achievements, problems and ways by which the sales of the cars can be improved and more customers can be reached. The sales evaluation must also mention the purpose of the evaluation process and how it will help the organization. It can also include the various analytical methods used for the review process. The findings of the evaluation can be written down and final recommendations can be made based on the results.

Sample Car Sales Evaluation:

Name of car dealer: Fast and Sleek Automotive Agency

Review period: January 2011-April 2012

Review done by: Matt Johnson

Designation: Manager, Fast and Sleek Automotive Agency

The car sales evaluation of the company is as follows:


  • The company sold a total of 25,233 cars in all its centers spread across the state
  • Out of the total of 25,000 cars, 9,500 were Hyundai, 9,000 Chevrolet, 4,000 Honda and 2,500 were Nissan and 233 were of miscellaneous auto firms
  • The company exceeded its sales target by an additional 2% and will be setting a target of 25% this year

Areas to work on:

  • 25 new car dealers will be employed in every center and will be trained in effective communication skills which will improve our relations with the customer
  • There are at least 15 new car dealers coming up every month which can pose more competition for us


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