Camp Evaluation Form

A camp evaluation form is a document which aims to gather opinions of campers regarding their experience at a particular camp. Such an appraisement form is an exercise in analysis and it involves studying the views of people and noting their approval and disapproval. Through such document, the strengths and weaknesses of the camp come to the fore and give an idea regarding the changes required.

Sample Camp Evaluation Form:

Name of camp: ________________________________

Organized by: _________________________________

Dates: _____________________________

The following camp evaluation is an anonymous exercise. Please do not write your name on this sheet.

1. How would you rate this summer camp on a scale of ten?

(a) 0 to 4

(b) 5 to 8

(c) 9 to 10

2. Which of the following activities according to you was the best that the summer camp had to offer?

(a) Crafts

(b) Swimming

(c) Painting

(d) Dancing

(e) Singing

(f) Water Sports

3. Do you think that the charges of the summer camp are reasonable?

(a) Yes, the charges are quite fine compared to the kind of activities offered by the camp authorities.

(b) No, the rates are exorbitant

(c) May be I am not sure.

4. Was the staff on duty in the camp helpful and trained?

(a) Yes, they were very helpful but they were not trained professionally and seemed unsure about their jobs

(b) Yes, they were trained and helpful

(c) No they were not trained or helpful.

5. Would you like to be a part of similar camps in future? Mention some reasons for your answer ________________________________________________________________________

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