Business Risk Evaluation

A business risk evaluation is a process which investigates the viability of a business venture and assesses the risks associated with it. It is a vital process undertaken before any new business venture and it gives a clear idea of the risks involved. A business risk evaluation exercise must be presented in a cogent and lucid manner, in the form of a report.

Sample Business Risk Evaluation

Date of submission of business risk evaluation report: 1st July 2011

Business risk evaluation commissioned by: Albert’s Food Products Pvt. Ltd.

This business risk evaluation report has been compiled by the Planning Team headed by Martha Hobbes. It outlines the viability of our new project Albert’s Instant Pasta, which, if everything goes according to plan, will hit the markets in July next year, i.e. 2012.

What according to you will be a suitable cost for the entire project?

  • $10000000
  • $40000000
  • $60000000

Do you think it is viable to begin anew venture so soon after our last instant food product?

  • No, it is too early
  • Yes, it is viable

How do you think the product should be marketed?

  • It should be marketed aggressively in order to create an impact in the customer’s mind.
  • Marketing can be delicately done as our products already have a well formed customer base.
  • Any other suggestion ______________________ [Please specify]

How do you thing that our product may fare as such products are very common and easily available

  • It will beat competition on the strength of superior quality and cheap prices.
  • It will take some time to establish its own niche.
  • It will become popular with our customers if clubbed with other related products.
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