Business Proposal Evaluation

A business proposal evaluation is a written document that serves an appraisement of the proposal presented by an organization related to their business. This kind of evaluation would help to analyze the viability of the proposal and its effectiveness on implementation. Therefore, the document should be constructed with a professional as well as with gracious approach.

Sample Business Proposal Evaluation

Name of the proposal: Business Expansion in Central Asia

Proposal prepared by: Mackinsey Watches.

Date of submitting the evaluation: 7Th April 2011

Purpose of the evaluation: The evaluation is being conducted to find out the effectiveness of the newly made business proposal of the company.

Please mark the right option in order to support a thorough evaluation process:

1. Does the company feel that it would accomplish the proposed task within the duration of 2years as stated in the proposal?

a. Yes, definitely

b. May be depends, will try level best to accomplish it within the stipulated time.

c. No, we need extension

2. What is the response of the proposal? How many new clients and existing ones accepted the proposal graciously?


3. According to you, state what might be the reason for those existing clients who haven’t accepted this business proposal?


4. Does the company think it has ample resources to handle the loss, if any, happens during the completion of the proposed task?

a. Yes very much, we have adequate resources

b. May be don’t know

c. No not possible rather we will try to accomplish the proposed task properly so that we don’t incur a loss.

5. Rate the proposal acceptance by the client out of 10 _________________

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