Business Process Evaluation

A business process evaluation is a document which outlines the changes required in a business organization. Changes in top brass, management, cash flow, and governing structure are all required in order to periodically revamp and improve a business. These are the factors which are examined in a business process evaluation.

Sample Business Process Evaluation:

Date of business process evaluation: 13th June 2011

Business process evaluation is commissioned by: MacFarlane’s Natural and Herbal Products.

Business process evaluation report compiled by: Jana Rogers, Executive Director.

Purpose of business process evaluation: This business process evaluation underscores the changes needed to improve performance and productivity.

How would you identify the key problems: _____________________________________?

Rate these factors in order of importance as far as their contribution to a business process evaluation is concerned:

  • Processes of input and output.
  • Interaction with some other processes.
  • Cash structure of the company.
  • Governing structure.
  • Employment satisfaction.

Each of these key features has been separately assessed underscoring their importance in the governing of the business. Do you agree?

  • Yes
  • No

What, according to you, are the changes that need to be incorporated for improved efficiency? ______________________________

What do you think are the benefits of business process evaluation?

  • It gives us a clear idea of where things stand at the moment and allows us to frame a concrete plan for improvement.
  • It is the best method if identifying the changes that must be made to bring about e new work culture.
  • Business process evaluations also portray our own capacity to conduct such a large scale introspective exercise ad gain lessons from it.
  • All of the above
  • Download Business Process Evaluation

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