Business Plan Evaluation

Business plan evaluation is an effective tool for evaluating the forthcoming goals of a business. This kind of evaluation helps the concern authority to get an idea on how the business work is being processing according to the plans and changes required to make the plan successful.

Sample Business Plan Evaluation

Company name: Swiss watches

Business address: St. Beckon Street

South California, USA -7878898

Contact number: 233-7889

Date of submitting the evaluation report: 9th September 2011

Purpose of evaluation conduction: To estimate whether the business plans are getting fulfilled accordingly or not.

Please mark the option correctly in order to carry out a thorough business plan evaluation:

  1. How many forthcoming business plans the company has set in recent future?
    1. More than two
    2. Less than two
  2. What modification has been done on the existing policies in order to make the forthcoming goals successful?


  1. Do you think the internal operations are getting regulated according to the plans? Justify your answer.
    1. Definitely, it is getting regulated according to the plans made.
    2. Partially, not as it is expected
    3. Absolutely not, needs to work harder in order to make plans successful___________________________________
  2. How the plans are being accepted by the existing clients?
    1. Received great acknowledgment
    2. Their acceptance depends on customer response
    3. Not all but there are clients who have accepted the plans graciously thinking it might bring changes.
  3. What made the authority to introduce these plans in business? How it would be beneficial for both the business and customers?


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