Business Performance Evaluation

A business performance evaluation is a valid and scientific tool to estimate the performance in business and to check whether it is in accordance with performance standards established in market. It is a way to measure the execution of decisions and opinions by the managers and leaders of a company.

Sample Business Performance Evaluation

Name of the company: Lawrence Builders

Contact details: 3B, Hollow Street

Seattle, United States-34629

Phone number: 67869970                            Date of conducting the evaluation: 16th

April, 2011.

Purpose of the evaluation: To determine the performance level and the success rates associated with the performance.

Business license number: 278PC

Please mark the right option to carry out a thorough evaluation of the business performance:

1. How often is business activities rated?

a. Monthly

b. Quarterly

c. Annually

2. How was the customer acceptance of the last few products released in the market?

a. There was a great response for all

b. Some of them have received good response

c. Not happily accepted by customers

3. How would you describe your business deals with clients as?

a. Profit making

b. Relation oriented

4. How much expansion of the business has occurred in the last five years in terms of profit and clients’ proposals? ____________________________________________________

5. Has there been an administration of increase in salary in the new financial year?

a. For all employees

b. Only for a selected few

6. Do you keep records of employee behaviors and conducts in the site of work?

a. Yes

b. No

7. How do you define the quality of service provided by the workers in construction of buildings?


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