Business Intelligence Evaluation

A business intelligence evaluation is a necessity in large companies where one person cannot have knowledge of or access to all the various departments of the company. It involves coordination among various departments and a great deal of interaction and cooperation as well as use of computer generated software. A business intelligence report must be well documented.

Sample Business Intelligence Evaluation:

McGinnit’s DataProcessing Pvt. Ltd.

Mapleton Avenue, New York

1st July 2011.

Purpose of this business intelligence evaluation: This business intelligence evaluation will enable us to understand the status of BI in the growth and development of our business and also whether its predictive views have benefitted us over the years we have resorted to BI.

Which do you think is the best task that business intelligence has performed for our business?

  • Data mining
  • Online analytical processing
  • Benchmarking
  • Text mining

Give reasons for your answer in the question above: ___________________________________

Would you agree that the senior staff and the governing structure have been receptive to a business intelligence solution model?

  • Yes, they have been most supportive.
  • No, they have been uncooperative.

Would you agree that the amount of data and the quality of our business makes it suitable for a business intelligence system? ____________________________________________________

Which aspect of BI do you think most beneficial to our business?

  • OLAP
  • Reporting
  • Querying
  • Business analytics
  • All of the above [Give reasons for your answer]

How would you sum up the advantages of BI which your business has accrued?


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