Business Idea Evaluation

Business idea evaluation is a technique through which motives behind a particular business could be analyzed. Even it helps to determine how much effective ideas would be in practical implementation. Therefore, such kind of document should be constructed professionally yet courteously in order to depict fruitful idea.

Sample Business Idea Evaluation

Name of the business: Brilliant Electronics Ltd.

Address of business: 34, Evergreen House

North Minnesota, USA-7880

Contact number-2788-999001

Date of evaluation conducted: 7th July 2011

Purpose: To access the ideas regarding business for portraying its future status in the market.

Mark the options correctly so that an effective evaluation could be carried out:

1. In last 1year, how many ideas regarding market acceptance, product etc have failed either on or before implementation?

a. Not even one

b. Less than two

c. More than two

2. What idea governs company’s manufacture process at initial stage?________________________________________________________________________

3. What would be your steps in making your idea accepted by the potential clients?________________________________________________________________________

4. Is the concern authority is only liable to come up with new ideas or employees can also present their share of mind regarding business process?

a. Only the authority

b. Both authority and employees could implement their ideas.

5. How many times in past one year employee’s idea has been granted in business process? What was its response?

a. More than once and every time it was a success

b. Not even once

c. More than once but it failed every time

d. Few failed but some where successful

6. What are the upcoming ideas regarding business prosperity?


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