Business Evaluation Report

A business evaluation report is a document which contains the findings of a business evaluation. It is the most important document in a business evaluation as it provides in a concrete form, the entire process of the business evaluation and it is the report which will form the basis on which policy decisions will be taken.

Sample Business Evaluation Report

The following is the business evaluation report for Allen’s Construction Pvt. Ltd. for the year 2011 to 2012.

It has been compiled by a core team headed by Joshua Rogers, Head of Planning Division.

It contains a brief outline of the methods used in the process, its benefits and the status of things as they stand.

The detailed report is available on our website and copies have been circulated among various departments.

Date of submission of business evaluation report: 1st June 2011

Business evaluation report compiled by: Jason Rodriguez, Maria Gomes and Mary Waller.

Status of:

  • Cash flow: The cash flow situation of the company is in good shape with enough liquid funds for initiation of our new projects.
  • Investors: Our stock prices have increased significantly which is beneficial to prospective and current investors.
  • Solvency: All outstanding debts have been paid and we can begin our new projects with a clean sheet. This will increase our credibility with the banks as we currently have no outstanding loans or dues.

New investments in the pipeline:

  • The Grand Mapleton Road Project [Expected date of completion-2014]
  • The Green Valley Project [Expected date of completion-2015]

[Please refer to enclosed document for a complete outline of the business evaluation report]

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