Business Evaluation Format

A business evaluation format is a document which outlines the means by which a successfully business evaluation is documented or recorded for further use. A business evaluation is often conducted by trained professionals for the purpose of judging the extant business of a company or for checking the viability of a certain business venture.

Sample Business Evaluation Format

Business evaluation commissioned by: _____________________________________

Business evaluation conducted by the core team consisting of: _____________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a business evaluation format must identify the nature of business that is being evaluated. Whether it is a general stock taking of the existing business ventures of a company and their profitability or whether it is specifically designed to assess the viability of a new venture must be specified. The organization or the department within an organization conducting the business evaluation must be indicated. A business evaluation report must be specific and precise and hence these particulars must be mentioned at the start.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph of a business evaluation must include the kind of business evaluation modes adopted. The factors governing such a report like cash flow, competition, stocks market impact and investors must be mentioned and how each factor contributes to the overall business evaluation must be highlighted.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph also forms the conclusion of the business evaluation report. It must provide a list of the findings determined through the business evaluation and also mention or strategize the kind of path that will be taken by the company to secure its position and improve significantly.

Date: _______________________

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