Business Evaluation Form

Business evaluation form is a layout that evaluates the present status and quality of a particular business. Such a document even outlines the evaluation of various plans or strategies that are being implemented and scope of an ongoing business process.

Sample Business Evaluation Form

Business License Number ____________

Name of the business organization _______________________

Contact Details ________________________________

Date of organizing the business evaluation __________________

Business evaluation conducted by ________________________

Need/purpose of business evaluation:______________________

Appropriate responses are a way to achieve successful evaluation report; hence, answers all the questions properly.

1. Do you find any difference after the last business evaluation?

a. Certainly, new strategies and plans have been implemented to meet the requirements of the business profusely.

b. May be; didn’t observe much change.

c. No, not at all. It is on the same process as before.


2. Is your business having any plan to propagate? If “yes” then do you think you have adequate resources, proper planning and financial strength to do so. Give justified answer.

a. Yes we do have a plan to expand as we have _______________

b. May be sometimes in future; but, it’s not within our short term goals.

c. Never.

3. Do you have any serious business need? If “yes”, then mention what it is in details.


4. Have you analyzed any risk factors associated with your business? If “yes”, mention in details what it is.


5. Does your business have enough competencies to endure tough situations like recession, equity loss, income below profit margin etc? Give justified answer.


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