Business Analyst Evaluation

Business analyst evaluation is a process by which the skills and abilities of a business analyst is calculated. It is required to know how much the analyst is capable of in carrying out a business evaluation efficiently and effectively. A trained and proficient analyst is the source of a successful and established business.

Sample Business Analyst Evaluation

Name of the company: Garry Electronics

Contact details: 2, Penguin Road

Texas, US-450588

Phone number: 67856799 Date of conducting the evaluation: 7th June,


Purpose of the evaluation: To give an outline of the skills and requirements of a potential candidate who can carry out a business analysis productively.

Business license number: 23WBH

Please mark the right option for a thorough evaluation:

1. Do you have a genuine flair for critically reasoning a situation? _____________

2. What of these would you prefer in your free time?

a. I read articles and journals on local and foreign gadgets

b. I try to interpret the implications of a new company that hits the market

c. I browse the net to search for information on various business deals

3. What methods do you use to reach a conclusion about a business transaction?

a. I logically arrange the sequence of steps of business deeds

b. I deal with each business action individually

c. I fragment the activities and then take up each component separately to form a concrete decision.

4. On what aspects a company should emphasize on to increase sales of a product?

a. Marketing plans

b. Financial investments

c. Technical changes

5. Which subjects do you find maximum interest in? _________________________

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