Behavioral Health Evaluation

A behavioral health evaluation is an exercise which assesses and analyses the medical condition of a patient with behavioral aberrations like extremely moodiness, bipolar disorder, and paranoia and so on. It is usually conducted on patients who are deemed fit to be allowed to go home, and not on critically ill patients. It is undertaken by counselors and psychiatrists to keep a check on the progress of their patients, and also to get an initial opinion of new undiagnosed patients.

Sample Behavioral Health Evaluation:

Evaluation done by: Centre for Advanced Study of Neurosciences

Case Number: 74674

Supervised by: Dr. Jacob Rogers

Date of release of patient: 12th December 2011

The doctor in charge must answer the following questions carefully in order to provide an exact and accurate account of the convalescing patient’s progress:

1. Has the patient’s dependence on medication decreased since the time of his official release?

(a) Yes, it has decreased to a considerable extent.

(b) No, it has not decreased significantly

(c) Yes, it has decreased but the patient is exhibiting symptoms of distress still

2. Has the patient shown any traces of violent behavior which characterized his interaction with others prior to his diagnosis and treatment?

(a) The patient has shown some traces of violent behavior.

(b) The patient has abstained from showing any violence which had characterized his interaction with others earlier

3. Have there been any other medical complications after the completion of treatment for behavioral problems?

(a) Yes, there have been medical complications.

(b) No, there have been no medical complications

4. Please comment on the following aspects of the patient’s daily routine:

(a) Diet

(b) Sleep

(c) General temperament

(d) Medication at present

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