Attorney Self Evaluation

Attorney self-evaluation is the process by which attorneys are encouraged to evaluate their own performance and understanding of a case so that they can become better attorneys. Like any other company, a law firm is also an organization which conducts appraisal of its employees and wants them to do well so that they can be better assets to the firm. The best way to motivate an attorney and make him reflect on his past achievements, strengths and weaknesses is a self-evaluation. This helps them to develop their core skills, work on weak areas, understand their grasp on a case, improve their research and over all become a better attorney.

Sample Attorney Self Evaluation:

Name of attorney: William Arthur

Name of law firm: Jennings and Kane Legal Services

Review period: 2011-2012


  • My main duties as an attorney is to accept cases and represent clients in court
  • I also do research on their cases and advise them regarding any legal matters
  • I create legal documents and explain to them all the legal jargon regarding a case

New duties:

  • Two interns have been working under me and I have been asked to train and guide them besides working on my cases
  • I billed 1,900 hours this year which is 400 more than the firm’s requirements for attorneys


  • I played a crucial role in Mr Don Reynolds choosing our firm to represent him because of my expertise in criminal cases
  • I drafted all the motions which were filed with the court with no modifications from the partner’s side on the case

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