Assistive Technology Evaluation

An assistive technology evaluation is an exercise whereby the advantages and the benefits ensuing from the use of AT can be measured and judged. Such evaluations are best carried out by AT experts and also by users who derive the benefits from AT. Thus, the evaluations must be to the point and insightful, so that other users can make an informed decision from the AT evaluations made.

Sample Assistive Technology Evaluation:

Nature of AT being evaluated: Security Systems with the help of Assistive Technology

Product created by: Safe Homes. Pvt. Ltd.

[Please answer the following questions about our product and its results in safeguarding your home]

Name of client: Joseph Thomson

Address: 23 B Belgravia Mansion Street, London

  1. Are you satisfied with your AT experience?
  • Yes, I am satisfied with the revamped security of our house thanks to new and innovative gadgets created with the help of assistive technology.
  • No, I am not satisfied with the results of securing my house opting for AT.
  1. On a scale of ten, how much would you rate our use of assistive technology in burglar proofing your mansion?
  • 0 to 4
  • 5 to 7
  • 8 to 10
  1. What according to you are the specific benefits that assistive technology provides?
  • Assistive technology has opened me to new gadgets and personalized designs which I can use to my convenience.
  • Assistive technology is more efficient, cheaper and more long lasting.
  • Assistive technology provides me with more options to choose from.
  • I see no difference.

2.Please enter any suggestions: ______________________________________

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