Art Self Evaluation

Art self-evaluation is the process by which an artiste reviews his or her performance. It is a chance by which the artist can look back at his works — paintings, sculpture, pottery, crafts, song, dance etc — and reflect on his skills, strengths and achievements and at the same time find out his weak areas or where he can do better. This self-evaluation helps an artist be a better performer and gives him a perspective on what he needs or wants to do. He can reexamine his goals and fix his priorities and get an idea of what to do with his career. He can improve his style, be more inspired and understand his work better, which will make him a better artist and also get good reviews from the critics.

Sample Art Self Evaluation:

Name: Alice Adams

Type of art: Paintings

Type: Oil and Acrylic

Private exhibitions: 2

Review period: 2010-2012

Please rate yourself in the following categories from 1 – 5, 1 being the lowest:

  • Creativity: Have displayed creativity and innovative use of materials and designs ___________
  • Effort: Have shown hard work, dedication and passion towards the art___________
  • Process: Have followed the conception and execution of the idea effortless but through proper research and development      ___________
  • Composition: Have displayed excellent use of point of view, orientation, lay out, negative space, light and shadow, color scheme etc         ___________
  • Craftsmanship: Selection of materials, quality of work and presentation of the final pace is excellent         ___________
  • Elements and principles: Have knowledge of the right line, texture, shape, form, color, balance, contrast etc   ___________

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