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An army evaluation form is a document that involves the personnel in the army to express an opinion about their work, their work conditions and about their own satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their job. An army evaluation form must be in the form of questions which can elicit suitably objective and honest answers. The opinions and data thus gathered must be channelized constructively in bringing forth changes that will benefit all.

Sample Army Evaluation Form:

Name: ____________________________________

*Current position: ____________________________

*Squadron: __________________________________ [Fields marked with an asterisk are compulsory]

1. Are you satisfied with your army job? Do you think your annual remuneration and benefits are enough compensation for the heavy duty nature of the work that you are required to do? _____________________________________________________________________________________

2. Are you compensated adequately in the times of subscription and deployment? Which, among the following, is your chief concern regarding your job?

(a) Hardships involved in the job

(b) No time for family and longs periods of deployment

(c) Mental and physical strain that one accumulates

(d) Low remuneration

(e) Non-cooperation from squadron leaders and colleagues.

3. Does the thought of serving the country in times of war prove to be an adequate reason for continuing with such a tough job?

(a) Yes, that is all that matters

(b) No, there are other benefits of the job as well

4. Given an option, what aspect of your job would you like to change?


5. Are you satisfied with the kind of state help you receive, with regards to family welfare schemes, insurance schemes etc.? ______________________________________________________________________________

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