Annual Self Evaluation

Annual self-evaluation is the process by which one reviews one’s performance in work or studies once a year. This is usually done by companies where the management gives the employee a chance to assess his own performance for the past year, and by reflecting on his achievements and failures, he can be a better worker. The employee’s comments are also considered during the annual appraisal procedure as the company gets to see things from the employee’s point of view. The self-evaluation process must focus on the goals one set for oneself and see if he has achieved those targets or not and if he has improved his skills.

Sample Annual Self Evaluation:

Name: Sharon River

Designation: Senior copy editor

Year of joining: 2009

Date of last review: March 2011

Review period: April 2011 to April 2012

Skills (Rate yourself on a scale of one to 10):

  • Leadership abilities and ability to take quick decisions                               7
  • Ability to select the right kind of news and photos according to importance           7
  • Communication skills, both written and oral                                             8
  • Disciple and punctuality                                                                8

Achievements (mention specific cases):

  • Handled a team of interns and trained them on the basic duties
  • In charge of editing and making the front page for 6 months
  • Managed the special paper on the Summit Event singlehandedly

Self-evaluation comments:

  • Achieved personal goals of making the front page
  • Managed special paper on my own, besides doing the regular work for the main newspaper
  • Extremely hardworking and punctual was never late for work
  • Besides 2 weeks of vacation, never took a single day of leave

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