Annual Evaluation Form

An annual evaluation form seeks to address the strengths and weaknesses of a certain institution, organization, event, person or group after the period of one year. It is a survey which is based on questions that are relevant and precise. An annual evaluation form must be unbiased and objective in order to truly address the issues of concern and encourage people to write their views on a particular subject.

Sample Annual Evaluation Form:

Name of the institution which is to be evaluated: _______________________________________

Purpose of the annual survey: _______________________________________________

1. What progress has the debating society made in the last one year? Mention some important events that members of the debating society have participated in: ____________________________________________________________________________

2. Do you think that the debating society has maintained its quality and standard in last year?

(a) Yes, the debating society is still one of the best in the school circuit and it has done a good job of maintaining its reputation constantly.

(b) No, its standards have slipped down and it is no longer the force that once was in the school debating circuit.

3. How would you rate the performance of the debating society of the last year?

(a) 0 to 4

(b) 4 to 8

(c) 8 to 10

4. What are the areas which need immediate attention from the members and organizers of the debating society?

(a) Lack of quality speakers

(b) Lack of funds

(c) Lack of exposure to big-ticket debating events

5. Mention some suggestions for addressing the problems above: ________________________________________________________________________________

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