Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation

Acute physiology and chronic health evaluation is a document that assesses any acute physiological disorder and chronic health problems that may be persistent or occurring in an individual or a certain group of people under supervision. Such an evaluation article should be prepared very carefully considering the seriousness of the diseases and the importance of the corresponding evaluation.

Sample acute physiology and chronic health evaluation:

Name of the hospital: St. Stephens Hospital for Acute Physiology and Chronic Diseases

Contact details: 24A/I, Lindsay Avenue, New York

00 1 – 718 – 29382918 [telephone]

Date of evaluation: 16th August, 2011


The primary objective of framing this evaluation report is to assess the various acute physiological disorders and chronic health problems that generally affect people who fall under the vicinity of the care of this hospital, which specializes in the treatment of these health problems.

The medical supervisor of St. Stephens Hospital is requested to tick the correct option for each of the following questions to help us in the process of evaluation:

1. Do you have enough strength of experienced and effective doctors for the treatment of these serious and acute health problems?

  • Yes, we have a strong and renowned group of doctors here.
  • Some of them are good.
  • We need to appoint some good doctors as we lack them.

2. Are all types of acute physiological disorders and chronic health problems treated here?

  • Definitely, we specialize in this field of health care.
  • Most of them, if not all, are treated here.
  • A few of them are treated, though we are thinking of expanding it.

3. Does the hospital have proper equipments for diagnosis?

  • Definitely
  • We have some of the tools.
  • The hospital has shortage of equipments but we’ll surely arrange soon

4. Kindly give us an idea of the recovery rate of patients:


5. Is the hospital hygienic and safe for chronic patients?

  • Yes, definitely
  • It’s of an average standard
  • Not spanking clean but we try to keep it safe.

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